About Us

Welcome to Ingstroy S.L., one of the premier residential contractors in the area. Ingstroy S.L. has been devoted to high-quality craftsmanship in renovation and new construction since 1994, primarily in Germany, expanding to the Balearic Island 18 years ago.

We strive for excellence in every project. We know that Ingstroy S.L. reputation and references are built on providing the most important aspect, of which is high-quality workmanship.

We provide all superior aspects of building works adding lasting beauty and value to your home.


Ingstroy S.L. employ only highly-skilled professional craftsmen who take great pride in their work and deliver the high level of craftsmanship that we would like to see in our own homes. We have very high standards as we know that the quality of our work drives client satisfaction and to a large extent, makes our reputation.


From experience Ingstroy S.L. has proved to put client interests first. Being trustworthy and having a fair and reasonable attitude are as important as product quality in strengthening our reputation. We remain fully accountable to you throughout the project, itemizing every invoice so you can clearly track your project costs.



Our project managers ensure that all projects run smoothly and efficiently. We are dedicated to producing projects that will withstand the test of time, give enjoyment and enhance the beauty and financial value of our customers’ homes.

Beyond these attributes, clients of Ingstroy S.L. deal with an accessible, professional, open, and friendly group of people, from the top, down.

Ingstroy takes great pleasure in being able to build those dream surroundings for you, our valued client.

Sincerely Yours, The Ingstroy S.L. Team